Homeopathy Home provides the most focussed advertising available for those who wish to target their potential market. Every visitor to the site is either an experienced practitioner or user of homeopathy, or an interested newcomer. The site is the central point for anyone wishing to discover homeopathy on the Net, as is attested to by the average monthly number of individual visitors - some 68,000 - or one every 30 seconds! The site is accessed principally from the USA and Europe, but also from 42 other countries worldwide.

Over eight years the site has built up a reputation for accuracy and comprehensive listings, with any new site requesting a listing almost as a matter of course; initially we bore the cost ourselves as a service to the homeopathic community, but the sheer volume of accesses means that we now have to seek to recoup some of that cost. To this end, we offer a number of possibilities to advertisers at very competitive rates.

Ideally your advert should be clickable to access your own site. If you do not have a site, then of course phone/fax numbers can be advertised. 'Click-through' rate - that is, the number of those who see your ad who click through to your site - is highly dependent on such factors as the type of product and the look of the ad itself.

Our Banner Advertising rotates a number of standard-sized ad banners on our pages with links to your own site; you can select the number of banner exposures each day - most start with 100 exposures per day.

Our current advertisers are benefiting from click-through rates of between 1% and 9%, well above industry average thanks to the focussed nature of our visitors.

We also offer spot ads, and pop-under and pop-over advertising opportunities.

We shall provide personal access (with a user name and password) for you to check in real-time how your ad is progressing. You'll see the number of times your ad has been displayed, and the number of click-throughs to your site in absolute terms and as a ratio. So unlike many sites, you know just how successful the ad is!

You specify for how many exposures you wish your advert to run - the minimum is 3,000, or about one month at 100 exposures per day. Please email adverts@homeopathyhome.net for more details and pricing.

If you wish to order ad space, please mail us full details - name, address, and your specific requirements. Once the details have been agreed, upon receipt of payment the ad will go online. Payment can be made by secure online Credit Card server managed for us by Paysystems Corporation - click here to visit the payments page.

If you require help with designing your banner ad, we can provide this service for a small fee - just ask for details. Likewise, please address any queries you have to us on adverts@homeopathyhome.net.

We look forward to hearing from you.