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The following organisations can help you locate a homeopathic physician in your area.

There is also an excellent search facility on the Homeopathicum site.

Associacao Medica Homeopatica Brasileira
Av. Comendador Leão, 946
Poço - Maceió/Alagoas - CEP. 57025-000
tel/fax (082) 326 5851
Secretária: Fernanda Soriano

Instituto De Homeopatia James Tyler Kent
Rua Pres. Vargas 590/816
20071-000 Rio de Janeiro
tel +55 21 233-4488
fax +55 21 233-9390

A non-profit making organisation that has been supplying homeopathic medical care, qualifying new homeopaths, and holding regular seminars for 13 years. IHJTK edits 'Studia Homeopathica', a journal with clinical cases, discussions on philosophy and more.

Associação Brasileira de Farmacêuticos Homeopatas

Veterinary Organisations

Associação Médico Veterinária Homeopática Brasileira
with a
list of practitioners.

Dr. Elias Carlos Zoby
Homeopathic veterinary physician
Professor of Kentian Homeopathy for postgraduates on Associaçao Paulista de Homeopatia, Brazil.

Maria Thereza Cera Galvão do Amaral
veterinária homeopata
São Paulo - Brasil ( Brazil )

Training Colleges

Instituto Homeopático Dr. Samuel Hahnemann
Rua Prof. Aurino Maciel, 187 - Farol
Maceió - Alagoas - Brazil
Cep: 57.000 000
tel 550822213133
President: Heidwaldo Seleghini M.D.

Associação Paulista de Homeopatia
Rua Dr. Diogo de Faria 839
São Paulo
tel 55-11-5571-8583
courses on Homeopathy for pharmacists, physicians, vets and dentists

Homeopathic Pharmacies

Farmácia Caminhoá Homeopatia
R. Sete de Setembro
92 Lj 104 - Centro
Rio de Janeiro
CEP 20050-100
tel/fax 55-21-2215369
Pharmaceutic : Ivone Manzalli de Sá

Idem per Idem Farmacia Homeopatica Ltda.
Pharmaceutic: Denise Polato de Lima
R. Marechal Deodoro, 444 loja 118 Centro
Juiz de Fora - Minas Gerais Brazil,
Cep 36013-001
tel: 55-32-216.12.12
fax : 55-32-215.69.44
BBS-Free: 55-32-216.12.12 (8n1) 28.800 V34 (19:30 to 8:00)Hr.Brazil

Ilúmina Farmácia Homeopática
R. Caputira, 108 – Mirandópolis
São Paulo – SP
tel (011) 5584-9372 (plantão 24 horas)
(011) 5584-6094
(011) 9909-3604 (celular)
(011) 9182-8796 (celular)
fax (011) 5584-9372

HN-Cristiano Farmacias de Manipulacao Homeopatica
Pharmaceutic: Amarilys Toledo Cesar
Rua Cristiano Viana, 67
Sao Paulo - SP Brazil
CEP 05411-000
tel/fax: 55-11-30822209

HN-Cristiano Laboratorio Homeopatico (Laboratory)
Rua Galeno de Revoredo, 62
Sao Paulo - SP Brazil
CEP 04531-030
Pharmacist: Amarilys de Toledo Cesar
tel/fax: 55 11 3079 0099

A Fonte Homeopatia
R. Mexico 131
CEP 82219-060
tel: 41-256-1654
fax: 41-256-7808

Nova Era Homeopatia
Rua Visconde de Cairú 235
20270-050 Rio de Janeiro
Chief pharmacist: Tereza Cristina Leitão
tel: +5521 568 8969
fax: +5521 569 7807

Philippe de Lyon Ltda.
Rua Joaquim Antunes, 450
05415-011 São Paulo - SP
General Manager: Lucio M. Nicolosi
Chief Pharmacist: Dra. Roberta C. Figueiredo
tel: 55 11 3085 3422
fax: 55 11 3081 3927

HN-Cristiano Homeopathic Pharmacies and Laboratory
(Amarilys de Toledo Cesar)
Rua Galeno de Revoredo 62
04531-030, São Paulo
phonefax 55-11-883-0099 or 0800-1-SAUDE

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