South Africa


There is a good list of homoeopaths in South Africa here

The following can help you locate a homeopathic physician in your area.

Homoeopathic Association of South Africa
Att: Dr M.J. Hepburn
tel (+2711) 453 - 6830
fax (+2711) 453 - 4708

Dr Danny Pillay
34 Republic Road
Edenvale 1610
tel/fax 011 452 1683

Dr M. Schultz
Docnor Medical Centre
39 Umhlanga Rocks Dr
Durban North
South Africa

Joyce Bagnall
c/o AG Bagnall
PO Box 3179
Durban 400

Dr Ashley H.A. Ross
11 Ritson Road
4001 Durban
tel (+2731) 204-2483 / 204-2041
fax (+2731) 202-3002

Training Colleges

Department of Homoeopathy
Technikon Natal

P.O. Box 953
4000 Durban
tel (+2731) 204-2542
fax (+2731) 202-3002
Offers a Master's degree in Homoeopathy, which incorporates all traditional medical subjects as well as a comprehensive Classical homoeopathic training. The course is 5 years full-time (including research) and a one-year internship

Homeopathic Pharmacies

There is a good list of pharmacies in South Africa here

Weleda Pharmacy
Innes Chambers
PO Box 7297
Johannesburg 2000
tel: 011-333-1571
tel/fax: 011-333-1888

W Last Pharmacy
P O Box 426
Rondebosch, 7701
tel: (+27) 21 447 9895

Natura Laboratory
PO Box 35189
Menlo Park
tel (012) 346 1230
fax (012) 460 6405
Healthline: (012) 804 0909

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