The following organisation can help you locate a homeopathic physician in your area.

Sociedad Gallega de Medicina Homeopatica
Aptdo. 70
36080 Pontevedra
tel 34-86-853690

Academia de Homeopatia de Asturias
C/ Muñoz Degrain, 6. Entreplanta C
33007 Oviedo
tel 34-8-5271128

Associacio Medico-Homeopatica de Mallorca
C/ Joan March Ordinas, 8. 5 - 1
07004 Ciutat de Mallorca
tel 34-71-206566

Asociacion Vasco-Navarra de Medicos Homeopatas
Avda. de Galicia, 9. 1 Izq.
31003 Pamplona
tel 34-48-231040

Academia Medico Homeopatica de Barcelona
c/Aragó 186
08700 Barcelona
tel 34.3.323.48.36 fax 34.3.451.34.04

Fundacion Instituto Homeopatico y Hospital de San Jose
Eloy Gonzalo, 3 y 5
28010 Madrid
tel 34-1-4466076
Contact person: D. Felix Anton

Founded in 1878, the first Spanish homeopathic hospital. Nowadays is devoted to teaching homeopathy and assisting older people with few economic resources.

Instituto Médico de Estudios Hahnemannianos
Calle General Orgaz, 4
tel 95-4615122
fax 95-4233353
Contact person: Dr. Emilio Morales

Sociedad Hahnemanniana Matritense
Eloy Gonzalo, 3 y 5
28010 Madrid
tel 34-1-5930959
Contact person: Dra. Gloria Fresnillo

Founded in 1845, it is devoted to teaching and application of homeopathic medicine.

Federacion Española de Medicos Homeopatas (FEMH)
Cefiro,9 esc. 2 5º C
41018 Sevilla
tel 34-5-4579398
Contact Person: Dr. Valentin Romero

Training Colleges

Asociación Post-Universitaria de Medicina Homeopatica

Director of Studies: Dra. Solange Vallespir-Lopez
Studies Coordinator:Dr. E Fernandez San Jose
-Training courses in Homeopathic Medicine Duration 3 years
-High level courses in Homeopathic Medicine throughout the

Vetinerary Organisations

None that are known, but a useful contact is:

Dr. Jose Figueroa Diaz D.V.M.

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