A Brief Biography of Samuel Hahnemann
by Peter Morrell
The Principles of Hahnemannian Homoeopathy
By David Little - a guided study tour
The Vital Force
by Henry Clarke Allen
Beyond Substance
by Norman Allan, Ph.D.
Homeopathy in Perspective
by Anthony Campbell MRCP
An Introduction to Homeopathy - Course notes for teaching
by Mary Aspinwall
Taking the Case
by Will Tayor, MD - a continuing series of articles
The Causes of Failure in Homeopathy
by Dr. André Saine
On Deviance and Conformity in Homeopathy
by Peter Morrell
Folliculinum: Mist or Miasm?
By Melissa Assilem, RSHom.
Understanding Digital Biology
by Dr. Jacques Benveniste
The Apocryphal Seventh Organon
a thought-provoking article from Derek Briggs
Water Structure and Behaviour
by Martin Chaplin BSc PhD CChem FIFST FRSC
- including a section on homeopathy
A Contribution to the Judgement Concerning the Characteristic Value of Symptoms
by Clemens Franz Maria von Boenninghausen (tr. 1908)
About the Duration of Remedies
by Clemens Franz Maria von Boenninghausen
Children's Types
by Douglas Borland
Regulation of Homeopathic Drug Products (Am J Health-Sys Pharm)
by John Borneman and Robert Field
Homoeopathy: How Does It Work?
By Paul Callinan M.Sc. N.D. D.Hom. Ph D.
The Vexed Question of Antidotes
By Miranda Castro, FSHom
Cancer and Cancer Symptoms
by Robert Thomas Cooper
Study of the Materia Medica (excerpt from The Science of Therapeutics)
by Carroll Dunham M.D.
Eryngium Maritimum - Sea Holly
by Jo Evans
Do Medicines Make Functional Changes?
by E. A. Farrington, M.D. (1876)
The Proving of Homoeopathic Remedies
by Peter Fraser
The 'Keynote' System
by Henry N Guernsey, M.D.
Uterine Haemorrhage treated by Internal Remedies
by Henry N Guernsey, M.D. by Henry N Guernsey, M.D.
Cases Illustrative of Homoeopathic Practice (1833)
by Samuel Hahnemann
Two Cases from Hahnemann's Notebook (1834)
by Samuel Hahnemann
On the Study of Homeopathic Materia Medica
by Constantine Hering
Bringing back the Baron
by Wendy Howard
Remedies relating to Pathological Tissue Changes
by James Tyler Kent
The Second Prescription
by James Tyler Kent
Why is Cancer Incurable?
by James Tyler Kent
How to study the Repertory
by James Tyler Kent
Distinction between the similar and the similimum
by James Tyler Kent
Homeopathy - or the Interaction effects - a scientific explanation?
by Dirk Laureyssens
Drug Proving
by Adolphe Lippe
Hahnemann's Advanced Methods 
By David Little - a wealth of information
Hot and Cold Remedies
by Dr Robert Gibson Miller
62+ Articles  - a wealth of interesting contemporary writing by Peter Morrell
Vaccination: A Sacrament of Modern Medicine
By Richard Moskowitz, M.D.
The Science of Symptomatology
by E. B. Nash
How Shall We Teach Materia Medica and Therapeutics?
by E B Nash
The Bowel Nosodes
by John Paterson MB, ChB, DPH(Camb), FFHom
Introduction to the Therapeutic Pocket Book
by Dr Herbert Alfred Roberts
Hering's Law: Law, Rule or Dogma? 
By Dr. André Saine
Some light on the (mis)understanding of Aurum Metallicaum
by Dr. Rajesh Shah
On pseudo-classical Homoeopathy
by Dr.Rajesh Shah and Dr.Rupal Shah
Pathogenesis of Brucella melitensis and Melitococcinum
by P. Souk-Aloun
The Development of Dose and Potency in Hahnemann's Homoeopathy
by Will Taylor, M.D. (login as a guest)
by Dr Margaret L.Tyler and Sir John Weir
How Not To Do It
By Dr. Margaret Tyler (1875-1943)
Pointers to some Hayfever Remedies
By Dr. Margaret Tyler
The Homeopathic Treatment of Asthma: A Breath of Fresh Air 
By Dana Ullman, MPH
A Modern Understanding of Homeopathic Medicine
By Dana Ullman, MPH
The Homeopathic Proving of "Venus Stella Errans" (1998)
by Chris Wilkinson DSH RSHom
Articles and Research Papers
at the Homoeopathy Clinic, India
The record of a debate held at the Royal London Homoeopathic Hospital in July 1992: 'This House believes that the single remedy is the medicine of experience'
Materia Medica of the 38 Bach Flower Remedies
by Karen Gorney, RNBS, CHom
Storia dell'Omeopatia in Italia e dei rapporti col Vaticano
by Dott. Fernando Piterà (Italian text)
Grande Interrogatorio e Grande Questionario
by James Tyler Kent (Italian text)
Estudios Sobre la Aplicacion de la Homeopatia en Produccion Animal
by Dr Flavio Briones Silva (Spanish text)
Correspondência das patogenesias humanas com os sintomas dos animais
by Elias Carlos Zoby (Portuguese text)