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Two Cases from Hahnemann's Notebook

(communicated by letter dated 24th April, 1843, to Dr Von Bonninhausen, and published in the Neues Archiv, Vol. I. 1844.)


Julie M. a country girl; 14 years old; not yet menstruated. 12th September, 1842. A month previously she had slept in the sun. Four days after this sleeping in the sun, the frightful idea took possession of her that she saw a wolf, and six days thereafter she felt as if she had received a great blow on the head. She now spoke irrationally, became as if mad, wept much, had sometimes difficulty in breathing; spat white mucus; could not tell any of her sensations.

She got Belladonna, [Dr. B. tells us that whenever the dilution is not indicated, it is understood that the 60th dilution was administered.] weakened dynamization, in seven tablespoons of water; of this, after it was shaken, a tablespoonful in a glass of water, and after stirring this, one teaspoonful to be taken in the morning.

16th. – Somewhat quieter; she can blow her nose, which she was unable to during her madness; she still talks as much nonsense, but does not make so many grimaces while talking. She wept much last night. Good motion. Tolerable sleep.

She is still very restless, but was more so before the Belladonna. The white of the eye full of red vessels. She seems to have a pain in the nape of the neck.

From the glass in which one tablespoonful was stirred, one teaspoonful is to be taken and stirred in a second glassful of water, and of this from two to four teaspoonfuls (increasing the dose daily by one teaspoonful) are to be taken in the morning.

20th. – Much better; speaks more rationally; works a little; recognises and names me; and wishes to kiss a lady present. She now begins to shew her amorous propensities; is easily put in a passion, and takes things in bad part; sleeps well; weeps very often; becomes angry about a trifle; eats more than usual; when she comes to her senses she likes to play, but only just as a little child would.

Belladonna, a globule of a higher potency: seven tablespoonfuls shaken in two glasses, 6 teaspoonfuls from the second glass early in the morning. [The meaning of these directions, which is not very obvious, seems to be that the globule shall be dissolved in seven tablespoonfuls of water, and of this a tablespoonful is to be stirred in a second tumbler of water, and from this second glass a teaspoonful is to be given for six successive mornings.]

28th. – On the 22nd, 23d, and 24, very much excited day and night; great lasciviousness in her actions and words; she pulls up her clothes and seeks to touch the genitals of others, she readily gets into a rage and beats everyone.

Hyosciamus X’, seven tablespoonfuls, &c., one tablespoonful in one tumblerful of water; in the morning a teaspoonful.

5th October. For five days she would eat nothing; complains of belly-ache; for the last few days less malicious and less lascivious; stools rather loose; itching all over the body, especially on her genitals; sleep, good.

Sacch. Lactis for seven days, in seven tablespoonfuls, &c.

10th. – On the 7th, fit of excessive anger; she sought to strike everyone. The next day, the 8th, attack of fright and fear, almost like the commencement of her illness (fear of an imaginary wolf;) fear lest she should be burnt. Since then she has becomes quiet, and talks rationally and nothing indecent for the last two days.

Sacch. Lactis, &c.

14th. – Quite good and sensible.

18th. – The same, but severe headache; inclination to sleep by day; not so cheerful.

New sulphur (new dynamization of the smallest material portion) one globule on three tumblers; in the morning one teaspoonful.

22nd. – Very well; very little headache.

Sulphur, the next dynamization in two tumblers.

She went on with the sulphur occasionally until November, at which time she was and still remains a healthy, rational, amiable girl.


0 – t, an actor, 33 years old, married. 14th January, 1843. For several years he had been frequently subject to sore throat, as also now for a month past. The previous sore throat had lasted six weeks. On swallowing his saliva, a prickling sensation; feeling of contraction and excoriation.

When he has not the sore throat he suffers from a pressure in the anus, with violent excoriative pains; the anus is then inflamed, swollen, and constricted; it is only with a great effort that he can then pass his faeces, when the swollen haemorrhoidal vessels protude.

On the 15th January, he took, in the morning before breakfast a teaspoonful of solution of one globule of belladonna X’ then the lowest dynamization, dissolved in seven tabespoonfuls of water, of which a tablespoonful was well stirred up in a tumberful of water.

15th. – In the evening aggravation of the sore throat.

16th. – Sore throat gone, but the affection of the anus returned as above described; an open fissure with excoriative pain, inflammation, swellings, throbbing pain and constriction; - also in the evening a painful motion.

E confessed having had a chancre eight years previously, which had been, as usual, destroyed by caustics, after which all the above affections had appeared.

18th. – Merc. Viv. One globule of the lowest new dynamization I, (which contains a vastly smaller amount of matter than the usual kind), prepared in the same manner, and to be taken in the same way as the belladonna (the bottle being shaken each time), one spoonful in a tumberful of water well stirred.

20th. – Almost no sore throat. Anus better, but he still feels there excoriation pain after a motion; he has however no more throbbing, no more swelling of the anus, and no inflammation; anus less contracted.

One globule of merc. Viv. (2/10) the second dynamization of the same kind; prepared in the same way. And taken in the morning.

25th. – Throat almost quite well, but in the anus, raw pain and severe shootings; great pain in the anus after a motion; still some contraction of it and heat.

30th. – In the afternoon, the last dose (one teaspoonful). On the 28th the anus was better; sore throat returned; pretty severe excoriation pain in the throat.

On globule in milk-sugar for seven days; prepared and taken in the same manner.

7th February. – Severe ulcerative pain in the throat. Bellyache, but good stools; several in succession, with great thirst in the anus all is right.

Sulphur 2/10 in seven tablespoonfuls, as above.

13th. – Had ulcerative pain in the throat, especially on swallowing his saliva, of which he has now a large quantity, especially copious on the 11th and 12th. Severe contraction of the anus, especially since yesterday.

He now smelt here merc., and got to take as before merc. V. 2/10 one globule in seven tablespoonfuls of water, and half a spoonful of brandy.

20th. – Throat better since the 18th; he has suffered much with the anus; the motion causes pain when it is passing; less thirst.

Milk-sugar in seven tablespoonfuls.

3d March. – Now more sore throat. On going to stool a bloodless haemorrhoidal knot comes down (formerly this was accompanied with burning and raw pain), now with merely itching on the spot.

To smell acid. Nitri. And then to have milk-sugar in seve...

Almost no more pain after a motion; yesterday some blood along with the motion (an old symptom) Throat well; only a little sensitive when drinking cold water.

Olfaction of acid. Nitri. (olfaction is performed by opening small bottle containing an ounce of alcohol or brandy where one globule is dissolved, and smelt for an instant or two.

He remained permanently cured. [ The following account of an illness with which hahnemann was attacked, which he gives in a letter to the same correspondent, dated 28th April, 1833, will be read with interest. “Although I kept myself very calm, yet the annoyance I receive from * * * * * may have contributed to bring upon the suffocative catarrh, that for seven days before and 14 days after the 10th of April [ Hahnemann’s birthday], threatened to choke me, with instantaneous attacks of intolerable itching in the glottis, that would have caused spasmodic cough, had it not deprived me of breath altogether; irritation of the fauces with the finger, so as to cause sickness, was the only thing that restored the breathing, and that but slowly; there were besides other severe symptoms – very great shortness of breath (without constriction of the chest), total loss of appetite for food and drink, disgust at tobacco, bruised feeling and weariness of all the limbs, constant drowsiness, inability to do the least work, presentiment of death. &c. The whole neighborhood proved their great affection for me by sending so frequently to inquire how I was, that I felt quite ashamed. It is only within these four days that I have felt myself out of danger; I obtained relief by two olfactions, of coff. Cr. X’ first, and then of calc,; ambra too was of use. And so the Great Protector of all that is true and good will grant me as much more life upon this earth as seemeth good to his wisdom.”


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