Articles - A-Z by Remedy
There is an excellent Illustrated Guide to remedy sources here
A case of Allium Sativum (and 7 others)
by Massimo Mangialavori
Asterias Rubens - Common Red Starfish
by Jo Evans
Some light on the (mis)understanding of Aurum Metallicum
by Dr. Rajesh Shah
Pathogenesis of Brucella melitensis and Melitococcinum
by P. Souk-Aloun
Eryngium Maritimum - Sea Holly
by Jo Evans
Folliculinum: Mist or Miasm?
by Melissa Assilem, RSHom.
Two Helleborus Cases
by Krista Heron ND  DHANP
Limulus Cyclops - Horse-foot King Crab
by Jo Evans
The Nux Vomica Patient
by Frank Kraft, M.D. (1938)
Secale cornutum
additions by Alfons Geukens
Spigelia anthelmium
additions by Alfons Geukens
Spongia tosta - Sea Sponge
by Jo Evans
The Homeopathic Proving of "Venus Stella Errans" (1998)
by Chris Wilkinson DSH RSHom