Flu Watch - Winter 2000/1

presented by Domenick J. Masiello, D.O., D.Ht.

I am fairly confident that this information will be applicable nationwide and maybe even worldwide due to the large amount of international travel (influenza originates in Asia and travels west). I will update this as often as it becomes necessary during the winter.

Final 2001 Update - 8 April 2001


(October - early December)

A mild cold starting with a brief sore throat and then descending into the chest . The symptoms are not extreme and fever is minimal. The chest cold develops slowly into a persistent bronchitis.



(early - mid December)

A cold with fever which also includes dizziness (giddiness) and vertigo which then induces nausea. Cough may be present. Patient is thirsty.



January 1- 7 2001

Despite allopathic predictions of a flu epidemic this year because of shortages in the conventional flu vaccine, no such epidemic has arrived as yet. I continue to see more Bryonia cases: heavy, congested head, fever, thirst, dry mucous membranes. Patients prefer to remain still. There is dizziness from motion which often induces nausea.

There have been several cases of Kali Bichromicum sinusitis interspersed with the Bryonia cases. Symptoms include headache both frontal and occipital, facial pain with extension to the upper teeth. The discharge, both nasal and posterior nasal is thick although the color varies from clear to white to yellow. There can also be a reflex cough from the thick post nasal drip. Some patients feel better outdoors.

Additional Remedy: KALI BICHROMICUM


January 8 - 21

This year's flu season is shaping up to be mild. It seems that there are two major modes neither of which is the classic flu. As mentioned above I continue to see many Bryonia cases with more respiratory symptoms such as cough. The number of Kali Bichromicum cases is steadily increasing and going beyond sinusitis to bronchitis and even otitis. This generally presents without fever. Rather, there is either ear, nose or chest congestion with thick, difficult expectoration or nasal discharge. Patients experience this as a "very bad cold" that doesn't clear up quickly enough.

January 22 - February 7

The flu epidemic has just not materialized this year. There are virtually no cases of the classic flu. However, Kali Bichromicum cases of this "viral syndrome" continue to increase in number and severity. Thick nasal and post nasal discharge with sinus headache symptoms, mild sore throat which then becomes a persistent cough with difficult expectoration. Patients fear they are coming down with bronchitis or pneumonia but the congestion never enters the chest. It remains an upper airway congestion. There can be chest, rib or shoulder blade pain with the cough. Fever and body aches. Symptoms are better from drinking(cold or hot), better from being outdoors. The potency of Kali Bichromicum needs to be changed daily going from 200C to 1M and even 10M to complete the treatment by day 3 or 4.

February 8 - February 24

So far it looks like the classic flu as not made its appearance. There have been no further Bryonia cases as the number of Kali Bichromicum cases has increased to a steady stream. There is now, however, the appearance of several cases of gastrointestinal viral syndrome. The symptoms are nausea, fever, shaking chills, frequent diarrhea (brown, watery stools). There is thirst, especially for cool drinks. Some cases have severe vomiting with the diarrhea at the same time. Food and drinks seem to not get beyond the stomach and as the patient continues to drink, because of the fever and the thirst, the stomach becomes distended and vomiting ensues. The corresponds most closely to Arsenicum Album.

So as we approach the final third of the winter season, it seems as though there hasn't been the classic influenza with one epidemicus remedy. Rather, there have been a series of "viral syndromes" with different symptom patterns corresponding to different remedies.

Additional Remedy: ARSENICUM ALBUM

April 8th

Well spring is finally here and the classic flu never did arrive. Instead we seem to have gotten a pattern of three different remedies as the epidemicus, one for each of the three months of winter. Bryonia in January, Kali Bichromicum in February and Arsenicum Album in March.

Good health during 2001 and see you back here again next winter!

Please Note: I would add this caution - the epidemicus remedy will work when the condition is caught early. Neglected cases may require different remedies. Also, strep throat almost always rides along the influenza wave so a high fever with a sore throat should not be neglected.

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