Flu Watch - Winter 2003/4

presented by Domenick J. Masiello, D.O., D.Ht.

I am fairly confident that this information will be applicable nationwide and maybe even worldwide due to the large amount of international travel (influenza originates in Asia and travels west). I will update this as often as it becomes necessary during the winter.

Latest update - December 2003



Although the CDC has reported outbreaks of Influenza, there is very little flu around so far this Fall. However, we do have two major types of viral upper respiratory infections going around for the past several weeks.

The first type, the most common, begins with a low grade fever, mild sore throat which is better from hot drinks, chills and body aches. This responds well to Arsenicum Album. This year, however, these cases seem to last longer even after prescribing the epidemicus remedy. Better results have been achieved by plussing a 200C of Arsenicum Album several time a day or beginning with 200C pellets and then moving up to 1M or even 10M over a 48 hour period. Some patients who missed the window of opportunity with Arsenicum Album have required Kali Bichromicum 200C or higher when the sore throat syndrome evolved into a bronchitis productive of thick green or yellow mucus.

The other major modality of this viral upper respiratory syndrome is Gelsemium. This variant is characterized by extreme prostration - to the point of barely being able to lift one's head off the pillow. It is accompanied by higher fevers in the 101 F range and headache as well as body aches.




Influenza outbreaks in the US seem to be picking up and the news media have been spreading panic about this year's flu because the vaccine does not include the strain that is going around this year. Viral upper respiratory disorders continue into December and most of the cases seem to be of the Arsenicum Album type (as mentioned in the October-November update). The remedy needs to be repeated more than usual for this outbreak and that is best achieved by plussing. That is, adding several pellets to a 6 or 8 ounce bottle of spring water and shaking vigorously before each dose is taken. Several doses should be taken throughout the day. A dose consists of one capful of the water. In addition to the Arsenicum Album, one dose of Influenza A 1M (Ainsworth) can be given at the onset of treatment. It is too early to tell if this nosode will act as a preventive for this years flu, however, there is little down-side to taking a dose of this once a month throughout the winter.


Additional Remedy: Influenza A from Ainsworths


Please Note: I would add this caution - the epidemicus remedy will work when the condition is caught early. Neglected cases may require different remedies. Also, strep throat almost always rides along the influenza wave so a high fever with a sore throat should not be neglected.

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