Flu Watch - Winter 2006/7

presented by Domenick J. Masiello, D.O., D.Ht.

I am fairly confident that this information will be applicable nationwide and maybe even worldwide due to the large amount of international travel (influenza originates in Asia and travels west). I will update this as often as it becomes necessary during the winter.



October - December 2006

This has certainly been a strange autumn and early winter here in the eastern United States. Temperatures were as high as 70 degrees in January and so far it looks like its going to be one of the warmest winters on record.

Equally strange has been the nature of this year’s flu season. There is very little influenza around; however, we do have some respiratory and gastrointestinal viruses creating some distress. Basically what is happening is the rare occurrence of multiple epidemicus remedies being needed. This is either because the symptom picture of the virus keeps changing or there are multiple and successive viruses out there.

It starts out with cold or mild flu-like symptoms of a runny nose, mild fever, some body aches and perhaps mild chills. This responds to Arsenicum Album. If the patient responds - great, they’re done! Most don’t. They proceed to the next stage of a mild sore throat that can be accompanied by dryness and production of thick post nasal discharge which can be clear or yellowish green. This can move either up and produce frank sinus symptoms of pain in the forehead above the eyes and/or pain in the cheek bones or downward producing an inflammation in the trachea with cough and expectoration and clear lungs. This responds well to Kali bichromicum. Some people can stop here; others require a dose of Mercurius vivus (not Merc. Sol.) If the pharyngitis/sinusitis/tracheitis fails to resolve with Mercurius vivus, there is yet one more stage in which the patient is still dragging on, feels exhausted is sensitive to the cold and has anterior and posterior cervical lymph nodes that are swollen and somewhat painful. This finally responds to Hepar sulph.

January 2007

The New Year has brought with it a separate illness which has two variants. In late December some patients presented with a vague sense of dizziness (not true vertigo) accompanied by a profound and unremitting nausea. The nausea was sometimes followed by vomiting (mostly of food) which did not relieve the nausea. For some, riding in a car made this much worse. The nausea with or without vomiting lasted up to 10 days in some patients before the epidemicus was discovered to be Lycopodium. The second variant was a rapid and dramatic vomiting accompanied by diarrhea and the sensation of feeling cold all over the body. This variant responds well to several doses of Veratrum album of the course of several days.


Please Note: I would add this caution - the epidemicus remedy will work when the condition is caught early. Neglected cases may require different remedies. Also, strep throat almost always rides along the influenza wave so a high fever with a sore throat should not be neglected.

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