The History of Homeopathy
Homeopathy Timeline
An excellent history with articles and info from Whole Health Now
A Brief Biography of Samuel Hahnemann
by Peter Morrell
A History of Homoeopathy and its Institutions in America (4 Vols), 1905
by William Harvey King, MD, LLD.
Biographies - famous homeopaths down the years
by ValÚrie Dayraud, President of Homeopathy International
Pioneers of Homeopathy
An extensive set of biographies from Dr Sumit Goel
The Life and Works of Hahnemann
from Dr Sumit Goel
Homeopathy in the History of Medicine
on the Boiron site - well illustrated
Institute for the History of Medicine of the Robert Bosch Foundation - custodian of the estate of Samuel Hahnemann
A Condensed History of Homeopathy
by Dana Ullman
An Historic Sketch of the Monument erected in Washington City to the Honor of Samuel Hahnemann
by Rev. B. F. Bittinger, DD
The Origins of the Liga Medicorum Homeopathica Internationalis: Carroll Dunham, A.M., M.D., and the world's Homeopathic Convention of 1876
from the Liga (LMHI) 
A Brief History of Homeopathy in Delaware County
by Henry Graham Ashmead
The History of Homeopathy in Maryland
by David
Willard et al.
Hahnemann and Paracelsus
by J.H. Clarke
Similarities Between Hahnemann and Paracelsus
by Robert Ellis Dudgeon
The Homoeopathic Hospital at Neuilly in France, 1914-1916
by Dr M. Geoffrey Miller
The History of Homeopathy in the Russian Empire
by Alexander Kotok, M.D.
The History of Homeopathy in Russia
by Alexander Ostrovsky
A History of Homeopathy in Britain
by Peter Morrell
British Homeopathy During Two Centuries
by Peter Morrell
Kent's Influence on British Homeopathy
by Peter Morrell
From Cooper's Club to Flower Essences:
A Portrait of British Homoeopathy 1870-1930

by Peter Morrell
The History and Development of Homeopathy
from the British Association of Homeopathic Vets
Australian Homeopathic History
by Julian Winston
A History of Homoeopathy in New Zealand
by Julain Winston
The History of Homeopathy in the Netherlands
by Gert A. Bogaerds
History of Homeopathy in Austria
from the Liga (LMHI) 
History of Homeopathy in Belgium
from the Belgian Homeopathic Union 
History of Homeopathy in Italy
from the Liga (LMHI) 
History of Homeopathy in Latvia
from the Liga (LMHI) 
History of Homeopathy in Norway
from the Klassiske Hom°opaters Forening
History of Homeopathy in Brazil
from the Liga (LMHI) 
History of Homeopathy in Argentina
from the Liga (LMHI) 
History of Homeopathy in Mexico
from the Liga (LMHI) 
History of Homoeopathy in India
from the CCRH, India
History of Homeopathy in India
by Dr Pravin Jain
History of Homoeopathy in Iran
by Soroush Ebrahimi
History of Homeopathy in Sri Lanka
from the Liga (LMHI) 
Storia dell'Omeopatia in Italia e dei rapporti col Vaticano
by Dott. Fernando PiterÓ
(Italian text)
Rese˝a de la Historia de la HomeopatÝa en Colombia
from the Liga (LMHI)