Research Aids
British Homoeopathic Library
Based at the Glasgow Hospital
The research service of the British Homoeopathic Library - with the new online searchable database
The Acadamic Departments, Glasgow Hospital, including a number of downloadable files from the Department's work
Controlled clinical trials in homoeopathy
A comprehensive list from the British Homoeopathic Library
The Homeopathy Abstract Page
links to Medline abstracts from scientific papers
Homœopathic Pharmacopœia Convention of the United States
The Homœopathic Pharmacopœia of the United States (HPUS) is the official compendium for Homeopathic Drugs in the U.S.
The Little Library - a collection of excellent articles and other research materials by David Little
Research Council for Complementary Medicine (UK)
Research, libraries and database resources, including a comprehensive Database of Citations and Abstracts of homeopathic trials from 1971-1998
Homoeopathy Provings
by Jörg Wichmann
Online Remedy Finder - repertorisation based on Kent from AbcHomeopathy
Homeopathic remedies: An illustrated guide
Photographs and botanical plates, additions all the time
Homeopathy Timeline
An excellent history with articles and info from Whole Health Now
Cleave's Biographical Cyclopædia of Homœopathic Physicians and Surgeons (1873)
by Egbert Cleave
The Homoeopathic Information Service
run by Peter Fraser and the Devon School, including a provings database
Research on the NCH site
The Prover
from the NBHE - a full archive online
A subscription site aimed at practising homeopaths - lots of material, including online Cara
High Dilutions
A French site investigating the scientific basis of remedies (English version)
A large cured cases database, history of homeopathy and more.
An interesting collection of books and articles for research into the Organon and learning more about the theory of homeopathy
A stimulating collection of articles and info from Doug Hoff
Homint R&D Newsletter      (Acrobat reader needed)
Homeoline Information Service (USA)
A research service from Minimum Price Books
The Dynamis School for Advanced Homoeopathic Studies
Jeremy Sherr's school, including his database of provings
Institute for the History of Medicine of the Robert Bosch Foundation - custodian of the estate of Samuel Hahnemann
HomeopathyInfo PRO by Whole Health Now
A collection of articles, cured cases and multimedia rubrics
British Homeopathic Journal
The official journal of the Faculty of Homoeopathy, full searchable back-numbers (subscription service)
Radionics Resources Guide
by Nick Franks
Healthworld Medline search
Comprehensive on-line abstracts of professional journals (try 'homeopathy' and 'homoeopathy')
Homeopathic Research - writings by Dana Ullman, MPH
Homeopathy for Health - an extensive collection of writings for the beginner to study and others to browse
Research on the Boiron site
Dutch Medicines Evaluation Board
Online Register of Homeopathic Medicines