Introductory and Self-Care Books

Complete Homeopathy Handbook; Castro, Miranda Paperback $19.99  24Hrs
Well presented and in depth introduction; excellent self-help book covering over 70 common ailments. Section on case-taking, with a good simple repertory and MM. 

Family Guide to Homeopathy; Lockie, Andrew Paperback $19.50 24Hrs
Well illustrated full-colour hardback guide for the home, covering a wide range of conditions and with info on diet, nutrition and exercise - a best seller.

Homeopathy for Common Ailments; Hayfield, Robin; Lines, Eleanor Paperback $20.95  24Hrs
A good introduction, beautifully illustrated and concise.

Homeopathic Medicine at Home; Natural Remedies for Everyday Ailments and Minor Injuries; Panos, Maesimund B. PaperBack $16.50 24Hrs
A slightly deeper introduction with plenty of practical information for home care.

Homeopathic Self-Care; The Quick and Easy Guide for the Whole Family; Ullman, Robert Paperback $24.95 24Hrs
An excellent introduction to prescribing for acute cases at home

Teach Yourself Homeopathy; Stokes, Gillian Paperback $14.36 (Normal Price $17.95)   Published 2000
An excellent introduction, with a detailed materia medica of a selection of remedies.

Family Homeopathy; Callinan, Paul Paperback $20.95
Excellent guide written by an Australian.

Homeopathy: An Illustrated Guide; Dannheisser, Ilana Paperback $23.79 (Normal Price $27.99 24Hrs
Glossy well-illustrated introduction.

Complete Family Guide to Homeopathy; An Illustrated Encyclopedia of Safe and Effective Remedies; Hammond, Christopher Paperback $29.95  24Hrs Published 1999
A similar book to that by Lockie

Homoeopathy for the First-Aider; Shepherd, Dorothy Paperback $8.95  24Hrs
A useful pocket book, written in an anecdotal style, empowering and friendly.

Everybody's Guide to Homeopathic Medicines; Safe and Effective Remedies for You and Your Family; Cummings, Stephen & Ullman, Dana Paperback $20.66 (Normal Price $22.95) 24Hrs
A practical introductory book.

Healing with Homeopathy: The Doctor's Guide; Jonas, Wayne B Paperback $16.14 (Normal Price $18.99)  24Hrs
Good general introduction.

The Family Health Guide to Homeopathy; Rose, Barry Hardcover $39.99 (Normal Price $49.99)  24Hrs
Another good 'coffee-table' introduction.

The Prescriber; Clarke, John Henry Cloth $34.26 (Normal Price $48.95) 24Hrs
Lists hundreds of conditions and the most common remedies used - written by one of the 'greats'.