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Bookshop USA
Our own bookstore of nearly 200 titles
Minimum Price Books
Has a huge range of books on homeopathy
Homeopathic Educational Services
A large site by Dana Ullman, MPH
B. Jain Publishers Overseas
A comprehensive catalogue
North Atlantic Books
Includes a wide range of respected books on homeopathy
Health Research Books
Publishes rare and unusual books, lists over 2,000 very old and rare books, including on homeopathy
Van Hoy Publishers
Greenville, PA
Books in Portuguese
Demystifying Homeopathy
By Jacob Mirman, MD
Center for Empirical Medicine
Author Harris Coulter's own site
The Homeopathic Childbirth Manual
A Practical Guide for Labor, Birth, and The Immediate Postpartum Period by Betty Idarius, L.M., C.Hom.
Healthy Child
A holistic newsletter
Alternative treatment for the menopause
Librairie Biosfaire
French and English books from MontrÚal, Canada
Bookshop UK
Our own bookshop of over 250 titles
The Homeopathic Book Company
Internet sales from Grantham
Beaconsfield Publishers
A UK publishing house with homeopathic titles
C.W. Daniel Co. Ltd.
...and another
'Curing the Incurable'
by Liz Attewell and John Devereux
This book reveals how - through homoeopathy, meditation, self-analysis and a change in lifestyle - the illness of M.S. is defeated in one former sufferer.
Thematic Repertory
By J. A. Mirilli M.D - in Portuguese and English
Organon Books
Over 400 books in Portuguese on therapies, including homeopathy
Czech Republic
ALTERNATIVA Publishing House
Books (and more) on homeopathy from the Czech Republic
Bookshop FR
Our own bookstore of over 300 titles
Bookshop DE
Our own bookstore of over 400 titles
Verlag Hom÷opathie + Symbol
Books and over 600 tapes from Berlin
Hom÷opathie Verlags- und Versandverzeichnis
in Murnau
B. Jain Publishers Pvt. Ltd.
This well-known publisher now has an online catalogue
Aggarwal Book Centre New Delhi
Their complete catalogue online
DK Agencies Ltd.
Large online bookstore.
Merlijn Publishers Homeopathic book suppliers in Holland - email:

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Homeopathy - Mystery of Healing
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