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Homoeopathy, Healing and You; McCabe, Vinton Paperback  Published 1999
Practical Homeopathy; McCabe, Vinton Paperback Published 2000
Homoeopathy for Babies and Children; A Parent's Guide; MacEoin, Beth Paperback
Practical Homoeopathy; A Complete Guide to Home Treatment; MacEoin, Beth Hardback
Practical Homoeopathy; A Complete Guide to Home Treatment; MacEoin, Beth Paperback
Homoeopathic Principle in Therapeutics; McGavak, T H Hardback BJ
Complete Floral Healer; Healing Power of Flowers Through Herbalism, Aromatherapy, Homeopathy and Flower Essences; McIntyre, Anne Paperback
Goats; Homoeopathic Remedies; MacLeod, G Paperback
Pigs; The Homoeopathic Approach to the Treatment and Prevention of Disease; MacLeod, G Paperback
Treatment of Horses by Homoeopathy; MacLeod, G Paperback
Treatment of Cattle by Homeopathy; MacLeod, G Paperback
Cats; Homoeopathic Remedies; MacLeod, G Paperback
Dogs; Homoeopathic Remedies; MacLeod, G Paperback
Veterinary Materia Medica and Clinical Repertory with a Materia Medica of the Nosodes; MacLeod, G Paperback
Veterinary Homoeopathy; Madrewar, B.P.  Paperback BJ Published 2002
Care and Treatment of Fistula, Piles; Malhotra, H C Paperback BJ
Bioenergetic Medicine East and West; Study of Homoeopathy and Acupuncture; Manning, Clark Paperback
Acupuncture, Biodynamic Energies and Homoeopathy; Margutti, Victor Hardcover BJ
Traveller's Guide to Homeopathy; Marks, Amanda Paperback Published 1999
Homeopathy in a Nutshell; Marks, Cassandra Hardcover Published 2002
Perceiving Rubrics of the Mind; Master, Farokh Paperback BJ
Homeopathic Dictionary of Dreams; Master, Farokh Hardcover BJ
Hair Loss Explained and Analysed (the Homeopathic Way); Master, Farokh Paperback BJ
Diabetes Mellitus; Mathur, K N Paperback BJ
Principles of Prescribing; Mathur, K N HardcoverBJ
Drainage in Homoeopathy; Detoxication; Maury, E A Hardcover
Homoeopathy and Human Evolution; Miles, Martin  Paperback
Relationship of Remedies and Sides of the Body Paperback
Comparative Value of Symptoms in the Selection of the Remedy; Miller, R Gibson Paperback BJ
Dr. Earl Mindell's What You Should Know about Homeopathic Remedies; Mindell, Earl L. Paperback
The Therapeutic Relationship in Complementary Health Care; Mitchell, Annie and Cormack, Maggie Paperback
Learning Homoeopathy by Object Questions; Mohanty, N. Paperback BJ  Published 2002
Homeopathy and Your Child; A Parent's Guide to Homeopathic Treatment from Infancy Through Adolescence; Morgan, Lyle W Paperback
Homeopathic Treatment of Sports Injuries; Morgan, Lyle W., II Paperback
Homeopathic Medicine; First Aid and Emergency Care; Morgan, Lyle W Paperback
Homeopathic Medicines for Pregnancy and Childbirth; Moskowitz, Richard Paperback
Resonance - The Homeopathic Point of View; Moskowitz, Richard Hardcover Published 2001
Resonance - The Homeopathic Point of View; Moskowitz, Richard Paperback Published 2001
Constitution and Temperament Mukherjee, Raj Kumar Paperback BJ
Homoeopathy for the Patient; Munnings, D W Paperback

Taking Off: Homeopathy from Theory to Practice; Nancholas, Daphne Paperback Published 2003
Handbook of Materia Medica; Narasimha, Murti Paperback BJ
Regional Leaders; Nash, E B Paperback BJ
Leaders in Homoeopathy Therapy; Nash, E B Paperback BJ
Homoeopathic Therapeutics; Nash, E B Paperback BJ
Homeopathy For Epidemics; Nauman, Eileen Paperback Published 2004
Homeopathy 911; Naumann, Eileen Paperback
Manual of Homoeotherapeutics; Introduction to the Study and Practice of Homoeopathy; Neatby, E A Hardcover
Highway to Homoeopathy; Needleman, Sam  Paperback
The Vaccine Guide; Neustaedter, Randall Paperback
Signatures, Miasms, Aids: Spiritual Aspects of Homeopathy; Norland, Misha & Robinson, Claire Paperback  Published 2003
Ophthalmic Disease and Therapeutics; Norton, A B Hardcover BJ

Homoeopathy Before Hahnemann (The Forgotten Men); Oliver, Ian  Paperback  Published 1999
Organon of the Medical Art (Hahnemann); O'Reilly, Wendy & Decker, Steven (translator) Paperback edition  Published 2001 
Homoeopathic Holiday Guide; Osborne, J and Hool, M Paperback  Published 2000
What Is Homeopathy? A Beginner's Guide; Osborne, J  Spiral Bound  Published 2001
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