Computer Software

There is an increasing range of computer software available, intended both for the homeopathic practitioner and the interested layman or woman. Program details are included here only at the request of the publisher.

    Shareware Freeware  

Commercial Programs

There is a detailed (but now out-of-date - 1996) independent review of the three main commercial programs by Chris Kurz, editor of Homeopathy Online

For these three professional programs, you will need to compare details on their sites:

Kent Homeopathic Associates, Inc.
Creators of MacRepertory, ReferenceWorks, Zizia and Thema, Available for Windows and Macintosh.
RADAR in the USA and Canada
Software for Windows and Mac
Cara and Similia from the UK
Software for Mac and Windows

Other commercial programs:
The Pocket Homeopath
The first PDA homeopathic remedy finder for the Palm OS
Caduceus for Palm
including a free basic version
Homeopathic Remedy Finder
An inexpensive commercial program for beginners
New consumer software from the authors of CARA
Earth's Remedy
An inexpensive Windows programme which references over 700 symptoms and 300 remedies
The Homeopathic Recorder
Case recording and analysis system
Cara - Asian distributor
based in India
Cara Pakistan
RADAR in the UK
Software for Windows and Mac
RADAR in Germany
Software for Windows and Mac
RADAR in Australia
RADAR in South Africa
RADAR in South America
RADAR in Brazil
Distributors for RADAR, Encyclopedia Homeopathica, and AcuVision in North America
Software for Windows
Repertorium Homeopathicum digital II
Materia medica available in English, Spanish and Portuguese
Boger's Comparative Software
on Boger's Card Repertory General Analysis
Cough and Cold Prescriber
designed by Dr Rajesh Shah
Homeopathic software tools
PulsNet Multimedia Services
Popular software available in Karachi, Pakistan
Anahata Homeopathic Software
Makers of AtamA and Remedy Keys
Professional, academic and first aid software for Windows and Mac
Software for Windows in German
in German, based on the Complete Repertory
MedicalPro Hom÷opathie in German
Homeo Doctor
Homeopathic database (Excel) software for Windows
Homeopathic/astrological repertorising (German)
SAMUEL-Serie Software
German language professional search and analysis software
Genuine Hom÷opatische Software - fŘr die hom÷opathische - aber auch allgemeinmedizinische Praxis mit Ambitionen zur Hom÷opathie (German)
Repertˇrio Homeopßtico Digital
Portuguese language repertory software (Boericke)
Portuguese language software
Portuguese language professional software
Palmtop Repertory for Psion Series 3, compiled from Synthesis; English or German versions - for information mail Fawnbench Ltd., UK
Homeopathy @ Work
Remedy finder
Homeopathy Assistant
Aid to remedy selection
Patient information and management database
Boennrep - Boenninghausen shareware Repertory and office management (English/German)
Hom÷opathische Hausapotheke

Online Repertorisation from Kent
A world first from H.I. - full software online!!

The Prescriber Online
A Net remedy finder, usable only online
The Duprat Expert System
In six languages, a repertorising programme for DOS and MAC - 278 rubrics, 398 remedies
Repertory of the Homeopathic Materia Medica based on Kent by Dr. Vardges Harutyunyan
Remedy Keys
Learn MM remedy keynotes
Free software from Pakistan
from Zentrum Publishing
Le systŔme expert "Duprat" - French and Esperanto
Homeopathic Traveller's Pharmacy
A DOS program to help you put the right kit together and use it correctly - German language