These are a mixture of sites, some offering information and others assistance with treatment online. It is generally good advice to see a practitioner in person if you require constitutional treatment - refer to the Directory for your area to obtain details of local homeopaths.
Ed Shalts, MD
in New York
Paul Bahder, MD, DHt, CCH
in Skillman, NJ
Dr. Marta Engel, homeopathic veterinary practitioner
at the Rising Sun Centre, Viroqua, Wisconsin
David Little - the First Aid Room (MM and Repertory)
Betty Idarius, LM, CHom
A joint 'Homeopathy for Women's and Children's Health' site with Miranda Castro, FSHom
Domenick J. Masiello, D.O., D.Ht.
New York
Michele B. Galante, MD
Suffern, New York 
- homeopathy, neurofeedback and nutrition
Donald C. Stillings, DC, DIHom, FBIH, DAAPM
Remedies and consultation at The Wellness Centre
Center for Classical Homeopathy
St. Paul, Minnesota
Dr. Sahni BS
Consultation and much more about Indian homoeopathy
Helen Cohen, ND
at the Woman & Child Naturopathic Clinic
Dr. Luc De Schepper MD, PhD, LicAc, DIHom, CHom
Articles by a teaching and practising homeopath in the US
Susan Lavery, RSHom(NA)
NASH member and practitioner
Will Taylor, MD
An American (Maine) practitioner's site
Steve & Aviva Waldstein RSHom (NA)
Their Classical Homeopathy site
Jacob I.Mirman MD CTHom DHt CCH MFHom DNBHE
Interesting site, with his book
Demystifying Homeopathy online
Jana Shiloh, M.A. CCH RSHom(NA)
Homeopath and author in Arizona
Edward C. Kondrot, MD
specialising in Homeopathic Ophthalmology
Judyth Reichenberg-Ullman, N.D., M.S.W., DHANP and
Robert Ullman,
Homeopathic Self-Sufficiency
A site by Erika Price,
Neepa Sevak DHMS, DIHom
in Phoenix, AR
Dr. Cindee Gardener PhD, DHom, CHom
Pittsburgh, PA
Paula Tipton-Healy, LM CPM
A midwife in San Diego, CA
The Wellness and Longevity Centre, Inc.
Online homeopathic treatment and products
The site of Karen Cohen,
Jacquelyn J. Wilson, MD, DHt
An American consultant
New Age Journal Online
Contains the Holistic Health Directory
Wendy Howard
has an informative site here.
Claire Heath, BSc LCPH
Holistic healing retreats and holiday lets in Wales
Francis Treuherz MA RSHom FSHom
Dr Andrew Lockie (Homeopathic Services)
A new site from the well known practitioner/author, including a freely available online diseases and ailments section
Dr Brian Kaplan and his excellent Classical Homeopathy site
Like Cures Like
The site of David Mundy,
RSHom, FSHom and Jo Evans
Andrew Ward, RSHom
Bradford-on-Avon - a well-presented and interesting site
Dr C. Leslie
A wealth of information on this practitioner's site
James Barratt DHom MARH FBIH
A very well presented site from this practitioner
Rochelle Marsden MSc RSHom MNWCH
Southport, Merseyside
Neil Spence RSHom
Aberdeen, Scotland
Sam Scarffe DSH RSHom
Douglas, Isle of Man
Rosemary Lawrence Dip BDF Cert Clin Hom DTM
'Progressive homoeopathy' in Bath and North Devon
Fernando Branco LCPH MHMA
Jo South LCH, BEng
Wivenhoe and Colchester, Essex
David Doré MD (AM) BSc (Hons) MSc PhD DSc LLCCH FBIH MHMA
London SW2
Dr. Kalvert K. Clark
in Kew, Australia
David K. Davidson, Dip. Hom
in Paddington, Queensland
A great site from Karen Jonas, packed with information
Barbara Etcovitch BA, MA, DHOM(UK), RSHOM(NA)
Louise Grenier, BSC (nursing), DIHom (pract), RHom
St. Albert, Alberta
Cindy Papso, CCH, RSHom(NA)
Burnaby, BC
Clair Whitty
Homeopathic practitioner specialising in Bach Flower Remedies
Praxis für klassische Homöopathie
An attractive and informative site from Wolfgang Heinemann
Homöopathische Praxis Jörg Wichmann, HP 
A wonderful site with a book and provings links
Switzerland Franz Lottenbach
Zurich - with some interesting pages
Dr. Ardavan Shahrdar
Classical homeopath - a site with some useful articles
Dr. Massimo Mangialavori
A site full of interesting material
Centro di Medicina Omeopatica Napoletano
An interesting clinic's site in Italy
Dott. Jerome Malzac of Monteroni di Lecce, his own homeopathy web site
Bhadra Homoeopathic Forum
Free treatment from this Indian charity
Homoeopathic Health Centre Bombay
Dr. Faroukh Master's practice
Dr. Leelavathy's Homeopathic Clinic
Trivandrum, Kerala
Dr. Nikunj M. Trivedi, D.H.M.S.
Anand, Gujarat
Dr K.K.Pujara MD(AM), PhD
Homeopathic practitioner in New Delhi
Dr Reji Nicholas BHMS
Online treatment and information
Drs. Vijay and Daxa Vaishnav
Santa Cruz, Mumbai
Dr. Sumit Goel B.H.M.S. (Mum)
Mumbai, Bombay with The Prescriber, an online remedy finder
Dr.Manish Bhatia
His comprehensive 'Homeopathy for Everyone' site
Dr.Veera Balaji BHSc
Dr. Gopal Goswami
Kalna, West Bengal
Dr. Bhupinder Singh Sahni
A comprehensive site from Drs Vinod and Anish Vaknalli
Dr  Jayakumar  M  Pannakkal BSc,BHMS
Dr. Surjit S. Makker
Punjab, India and his Veterinary Homoeopathy site.
Dr. Alejandro Flores García
An extensive and informative site in Spanish
Dr. Tinus Smits
A Dutch homeopath details his publications - in English too
A.L.B. Rutten, arts voor homeopathie, Breda
New Zealand
Dr M. Williams MB.BChir MFHom
Southland and Otago, author of Homeobase
Dr Muhammad Akram Khan
Rahwali, Gujranwala
Al Sehat Homoeopathic Clinic
H. Dr. Ahmad Fakir Muhammad
Tomasz Kokoszczynski
and his Homeopatia Klasyczna site
Dr. Sergio Pereira Vitale
A comprehensive site from this practitioner in Belgrano
Dr. Heidwaldo A. Seleghini
A Brazilian practitioner
Marcos Dias de Moraes
A Brazilian practitioner - a full site in Portuguese - now also in English
Maria Thereza Cera Galvão do Amaral
An extensive Portuguese site from a veterinary homeopath
Dra. Aminta García de Ordóñez
An informative site from a practitioner in Caracas