Remedy Suppliers
Remedy Shop USA and World - selling remedies in the USA and Worldwide
Remedy Shop UK and World - our own store selling remedies from the UK
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Hahnemann Laboratories Remedy Store



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Remedy Source
A comprehensive range of remedies (from WHP) and supplies, all discounted
Homeopathy Works (Washington Homeopathic Products)
US manufacturers and retailers since 1873
Homeopathic Educational Services
A large range from different well-known manufacturers
1-800-HOMEOPATHY Luyties
A long-established manufacturer now on the web
HealthCo Northwest
Herbal and homeopathic pharmacy in Oregon
Natural Health Supply Online
Remedies, books and supplies
Arrowroot Standard Direct Ltd.
Standard and Hyland's remedies in Paoli, PA
Hahnemann Laboratories Inc.
A manufacturer in San Francisco
One of the largest US manufacturing pharmacies
Be Well Homeopathics Inc.
Miami, Fl.
Natural Health Supply
A manufacturing pharmacy in Santa Fe, NM
The Wellness Centre
Remedies and consultation online
King Bio Pharmaceuticals
The retail site of an established manufacturer
Lyghtforce (includes Dolisos homeopathic remedies)
Homeopathy Overnight
Order remedies from Boericke & Tafel, Dolisos and Standard Homeopathic
Homeopathy Central
Order remedy supplies, with a prototype online remedy selector
Newton Laboratories, Inc
Homeopathic remedy manufacturers
HomeoLab USA
A Canadian manufacturer
Online store specialising in homeopathic medicines
Heel combination remedies
N.C. Health Products, Inc.
Bakson's remedies from CA.
Affordable Homeopathy
The full range of Boiron products
Nature's Pet Marketplace
Homeopathic and other natural products for pets
Uptown Health Store
Includes homeopathic combinations by Vogel and Hyland's
Homeopathy for Health
Single and combination remedies (including Hyland)
Heel Inc
Combinations from the manufacturer
Dr. Reckeweg
Combination remedies from Germany
BPR Health International
Liddell ' Neohomeopathic™ ' remedies
Natural Veterinary Pharmaceuticals
And their veterinary retail site
The Wellness and Longevity Centre, Inc.
Homeopathic remedies and much more
Pharmaceutical Consultants
John A Borneman III, R.Ph.
A highly experienced homeopathic pharmaceutical consultant
Glebe Apothecary
A huge range of remedies and more
Hyland's Homeopathic of Canada
Laboratoires Boiron
Homeopathic remedies in Canada and more
Dr. Reckeweg
Combination remedies from Germany
Calgary, Alberta
Labo solidago
Veterinary remedies from Ste Louise, Qc.
Veterinary homeopathy site
Natura Plus
Online store including homeopathic remedies
Ainsworths Homoeopathic Pharmacy
Established pharmacy in London
Helios Homoeopathic Pharmacy
John Morgan's renowned pharmacy
Freemans Homoeopathic Pharmacy
The first UK site from a British pharmacy
The Apothecary Homoeopathic Pharmacy
Rotherham, UK
Online suppliers of the Weleda range
Weleda (UK) Ltd.
Includes an Online Store
Dr. Reckeweg
Combination remedies from Germany
BioPathica Ltd
UK distributor for Heel combination remedies
Veterinary Remedies
Crossgates Farm Homoeopathic Products
Remedies from the UK for food-producing animals