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Homeopathic Combination Remedies


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Liddell       NuAge     and others

Remedy Shop has a huge range of Combination Remedies - so large in fact, that we have had to split it over six pages. 

To ease your path we have listed all the available Combination Remedies by manufacturer. There are over 250 items listed here, making it easy to browse and find individual items to purchase.

Please browse these pages and make your choice. Each time you click on a remedy your shopping window will appear; if you 'Add to Cart' your cumulative Cart contents will be shown in the box on the left column of the Shopping Page. Simply select your original browser window to return to this List to select further remedies (Pressing any other link will not return you to this list, but take you into the general site).

Note that once you have placed items in your Shopping Cart, you can return to Remedy Shop and add more items - even if you close your Cart window, your own Shopping Cart will reappear as you add items.

You will be able to review and alter your selections before proceeding to order.

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Banner 586 x 75 featuring all kits - green background
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