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Homeopathy: From Alchemy to Medicine; Danciger, Elizabeth Paperback
Homeopathic Vibrations: A Guide for Natural Healing; Dancu, David Paperback
Homeopathy: An Illustrated Guide; Dannheisser, Ilana Paperback
Homoeopathic Treatment of Small Animals; Day, Christopher Paperback
Homeopathic Remedies for Childrens' Common Ailments; Safe, Effective, Drugless Treatments for Everyday Health Problems; Dean, Carolyn Paperback
Organon der Heilkunst und Chronische Krankheiten von Samuel Hahnemann [ADOBE READER]; Decker, Steven (Compiler) Digital Download only
Natural Health Care for Your Cat: Quick Self-Help Using Homeopathy and Bach Flowers; Deiser, Rudolf Paperback
Essentials of Homoeopathic Therapeutics; Dewey, W A Paperback
Principles and Practice of Homeopathy; Dhawale, M Paperback Out of print - Used copies may well be available
Homeopathy - Beyond Flat Earth Medicine; Dooley, Timothy Paperback
Natural Health Care for Your Bird: Quick Self-Help Using Homeopathy and Bach Flowers; Dorenkamp, Bernard and Stein, Petra Paperback
Homoeopathy for the Primary Healthcare Team; A Guide for Midwives, District Nurses and Other Health Professionals; Downey, Paul Paperback
German Homoeopathic Pharmacopoeia; Driehsen, W. et al Paperback Published 2003

Rediscovering Real Medicine; The New Horizons of Homoeopathy; Elmiger, Jean Paperback
Homoeopathy; A Critical Appraisal; Ernst, E Hardcover

The New Concise Guide to Homeopathy; Garion-Hutchings, Nigel Paperback
Catching Good Health With Homeopathic Medicine; Garrett, Raymond & Stone, Taressa  Paperback Out of print - Used copies may well be available
Prescribed Drugs and the Alternative Practitioner; Gascoigne, Stephen Hardcover Out of print - Used copies may well be available
Homeopathy for Midwives; Geraghty, Barbara Paperback
Homeopathy: Index of Modern Information with Bibliography; Glocks, Arthur Paperback
Homeopathic Remedies for the Stages of Life: Infancy, Childhood, and Beyond; Grandgeorge, Didier  Paperback
The Spirit of Homeopathic Medicines: Essential Insights to 300 Remedies; Grandgeorge, Didier Paperback
Homeopathy Science or Myth; Gray, Bill and Pelletier, Kenneth Paperback
The Companion to Homeopathy : The Practitioner's Guide; Griffiths, Colin & Castro, Miranda Hardcover Published 2005
Homeopathy; The Great Riddle; Grossinger, Richard Paperback Out of print - Used copies may well be available
Homeopathy: An Introduction for Skeptics and Beginners; Grossinger, Richard Paperback Out of print - Used copies may well be available
Planet Medicine : Origins; Grossinger, Richard  PaperBack 
Planet Medicine : Modalities; Grossinger, Richard  PaperBack
Kent's Minor Writings on Homeopathy; Gypser, Klaus-Henning Hardcover Out of print - Used copies may well be available
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