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To be published November 2005
Cats: Homoeopathic Remedies; McLeod, George Paperback
Dogs: Homoeopathic Remedies; McLeod, George Paperback
Homoeopathic Treatment of Small Animals Principles and Practice; Day, Christopher Paperback

To be published September 2005
The American Institute of Homeopathy Handbook for Parents : A Guide to Healthy Treatment for Everything from Colds and Allergies to ADHD, Obesity, and Depression; Shalts, Edward Paperback

To be published August 2005
Bach Flower Remedies for Animals; Howard, Judy & Ball, Stefan Paperback
Bach Flower Remedies for Women; Howard, Judy Paperback
The Bach Flower Remedies Step by Step : A Complete Guide to Selecting and Using the Remedies; Howard, Judy Paperback
The Bach Remedies Workbook; Ball, Stefan Paperback
Dictionary of the Bach Flower Remedies; Hyne Jones, T.W. Paperback
Illustrated Handbook of the Bach Flower Remedies; Chancellor, Philip Paperback

To be published June 2005
History Of American Homeopathy: The Academic Years, 1820-1935; Haller, John S. Hardcover

To be published May 2005
Passionate Medicine: Making The Transition From Conventional Medicine To Homeopathy; Shohet, Robin (Ed.) Paperback

Due to be published March 2005
Homeopathic First Aid Kit; Whitaker, William Paperback
Not yet published

Published February 2005
Copeland's Cure : Homeopathy and the War Between Conventional and Alternative Medicine; Robins, Natalie Hardcover
Homeopathy For Horses [ADOBE READER]; Shaw, Susan Digital Download only

Published January 2005
Household Homeopathy: A Safe and Effective Approach to Wellness for the Whole Family; McCabe, Vinton Paperback
The Companion to Homeopathy : The Practitioner's Guide; Griffiths, Colin & Castro, Miranda Hardcover
111 Great Homoeopaths; Jasgur, Jay (Ed.) Paperback

Published December 2004
Homoeopathic Medicine for Dogs : A handbook for vets and pet owners; Wolff, H.G. Paperback
Homoeopathic Treatment for Birds; Chapman, Beryl Paperback
Magic of the Minimum Dose; Shepherd, Dorothy Paperback
More Magic of the Minimum Dose; Shepherd, Dorothy Paperback
A Physician's Posy; Shepherd, Dorothy Paperback
Textbook of Dental Homoeopathy; For Dental Surgeons, Homoeopathists and General Medical Practioners; Lessell, Colin B Paperback
World Travellers' Manual of Homoeopathy (New Ed.); Lessell, Colin B Paperback

Published November 2004
The Prescriber; Clarke, John Henry Hardcover
A Clinical Repertory; Clarke, John Henry Hardcover
A Dictionary of PracticalMateria Medica; Clarke, John Henry Hardcover
Arnica: The remedy that should be in every home; Speight, Phyllis Paperback
Before Calling the Doctor; Speight, Phyllis Paperback
Coughs and Wheezes; Their Treatment by Homoeopathy; Speight, Phyllis Paperback
Homoeopathy for Emergencies; Speight, Phyllis Paperback
Homoeopathy for the First Aider; Speight, Phyllis Paperback
Homoeopathic Remedies for Children; Speight, Phyllis Paperback
Homoeopathy; A Home Prescriber; Speight, Phyllis Paperback
Pertinent Questions and Answers about Homoeopathy; Speight, Phyllis Paperback
Homoeopathy for the Third Age; Treatment for People in Middle and Later Life; Souter, Keith M Paperback
Homoeopathy, Heart and Soul - Treatment for Emotional Problems; Souter, Keith M Paperback
Homoeopathy in Epidemic Diseases; Shepherd, Dorothy Paperback
Drainage in Homoeopathy; Maury, E A Paperback
The Homoeopathic Aide-Memoire; Coats, Peter Paperback
Homoeopathic Drug Pictures; Tyler, M L Hardcover
Homoeopathic Remedies for Ears, Nose and Throat; Speight, Phyllis Paperback
Homoeopathy and Immunisation; Speight, Leslie Paperback
Homoeopathy for Children; Pinto, Gabrielle Paperback
Index and Repertory to the Homeopathic Drug Pictures of Dr. M.L. Tyler; Jollyman, N W Paperback
The Principles and Art of Cure by Homoeopathy; Roberts, Herbert A Hardcover
Sports Injuries; Their Treatment by Homoeopathy and Acupressure; Speight, Leslie Paperback
A Study Course in Homoeopathy; Speight, Phyllis Paperback
Tranquillisation: The Non-Addictive Way; Speight, Phyllis Paperback
Traveller's Guide to Homoeopathy; Speight, Phyllis Paperback
A Homeopathic Guide to Partnership and Compatibility: Understanding Your Type and Finding Love; Lalor, Liz Paperback

Published October 2004
A Guide To The Methodologies Of Homeopathy; Watson, Ian Paperback
Homeopathy for Epidemics; Nauman, Eileen Paperback
Published June 2004
Aspects Of Homeopathy: Musculo-skeletal Problems; Watson, Ian Paperback
Homeopathic Cell Salt Remedies: Healing With Nature's Twelve Mineral Compounds; Lennon, Nigey & Rolfen, Lionel  Paperback

Published May 2004
Organon der Heilkunst und Chronische Krankheiten von Samuel Hahnemann [ADOBE READER]; Decker, Steven (Compiler) Digital Download only

Published April 2004
Encyclopedia of Remedy Relationships in Homoeopathy; Rehman, Abdur Hardcover
Bach Flower Remedies Form & Function; Barnard, Julian Paperback

Published March 2004
Homeopathy Simplified or Domestic Practice Made Easy; Tarbell, John A. Paperback
A Compend of the Principles of Homeopathy as Taught by Hahnemann and Verified by a Century of Clinical Application; Boericke, W Paperback

Published February 2004
Your Healthy Child With Homeopathy: A Practical Guide for Parents; Allen, Tricia  Paperback
A Companion to Homeopathic Studies; Lessell, Colin B & Griffiths, Ann Paperback

Published January 2004
Homeopathic Materia Medica, Part 1; Boericke, W Paperback
Homeopathic Materia Medica, Part 2; Boericke, W Paperback
Homeopathy: How It Really Works; Shelton, Jay W. Paperback
Practical Introduction to Homeopathy; Charles, Liz Hardcover
Homeopathy: A Medical Dictionary, Bibliography, and Annotated Research Guide to Internet References; Icon Health Publications Paperback

Published December 2003
A Vital Force: Women in American Homeopathy; Kirschmann, Anne Taylor Hardcover
A Vital Force: Women in American Homeopathy; Kirschmann, Anne Taylor Paperback

Published November 2003
German Homoeopathic Pharmacopoeia; Driehsen, W. et al Paperback

Published September 2003
Encyclopedia of Homeopathy; Pacaud, Gilbert Paperback

Published August 2003
Natural Healing for Women: Caring for Yourself With Herbs, Homeopathy & Essential Oils; Curtis, Susan et al Paperback

Published May 2003
Emotional Healing with Homeopathy: Treating the Effects of Trauma; Chappell, Peter & Kaplan, Brian Paperback

Published April 2003
Impossible Cure: The Promise of Homeopathy; Lansky, Amy Paperback
Dreams, Symbols, and Homeopathy: Archetypal Dimensions of Healing; Cicchetti, Jane Paperback

Published December 2002
Lectures on Homeopathic Philosophy; Kent, James Tyler Paperback

Published September 2002
Homeopathy A-Z; Ullman, Dana Paperback

Published August 2002
A Homeopathic Handbook of Natural Remedies; Josephson, Laura Paperback and Digital Download

Published July 2002
Rediscovering Real Medicine; The New Horizons of Homoeopathy; Elmiger, Jean Paperback
Understanding Homeopathy and Integrative Medicine; Mullen, Jose Miguel Paperback
Homeopathy; pub. Collins Gem  Paperback

Published June 2002
Getting at the Root : Treating the Deepest Source of Disease; Lange, Andrew  Paperback
Classical Homeopathy; Carlston  Paperback
Prozac Free; Homeopathic Medicine for Depression, Anxiety and Other Mental and Emotional Problems; Reichenberg-Ullman, Judyth  Paperback
Homeopathy: An Illustrated Guide; Dannheisser, Ilana Paperback

Published May 2002
Homeopathy: The Modern Prescriber; Wells, Henrietta Paperback
Homeopathy: in a Nutshell; Marks, Cassandra Hardcover
A Healthy Horse the Natural Way : The Horse Owner's Guide to Using Herbs, Massage, Homeopathy, and Other Natural Therapies; Bird, Catherine Paperback

Published March 2002
Homeopathic Remedies for the Stages of Life: Infancy, Childhood, and Beyond; Grandgeorge, Didier  Paperback

Published February 2002
The Emerging Science of Homeopathy 2 Ed: Complexity, Biodynamics, and Nanopharmacology; Bellavite, Paolo Paperback
A Guide to Homoeopathic Remedies : The Complete Modern Handbook for Home Use; Houghton, Paul  Paperback
A Homeopathic Handbook of Natural Remedies; Josephson, Laura Hardcover
Essential Homeopathy: What It Is and What It Can Do for You; Ullman, Dana Paperback

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