Complementary Medicine
An impressive site by homeopathic author Vince McCabe and chiropractor Mark Filippi
Holistic Healing
Contains many links and more
A comprehensive American site
Alternative Medicine Digest
An American magazine reproduced fully on-line
Health On the Net Foundation
Includes the Medhunt medical Web search engine
General Complementary Medicine
A thoroughly comprehensive list of sites
MedWeb: Alternative Medicine
Complementary Medicine Home Page
(includes Complementary Practices )
Spirit India
An Indian health site with a wealth of information
(WWW Yahoo Net Directory - includes Alternative Medicine )
Specific Therapies and Areas of Practice
Menopause Online
A detailed and informative site
Prostate Cancer and Health Resources
Alternative approaches to prostate cancer
Dynamic Chiropractic Online
Herbs and Botanical Medicine
Herbal Hall
Midwifery, Pregnancy and Birth Related Information Index
Alt Vet Med
Complementary and Alternative Vetinerary Medicine
Holistic Veterinary Medicine
By Anna Maria Scholey M.A. Vet.MB MRCVS
(Pharmacy info and links)