Other WWW Resources - French language
These are generally non-commercial sites. In addition many commercial sites, especially the Remedy Suppliers and Practitioners, are now including useful further resources.
Homéopathe International
A wonderful new French site from a voluntary association, with online books and articles in French and English - now with an English page
Planète Homéo
An excellent French site for practitioners and students.
Digibio - the site of Dr. Jacques Benveniste describing his research into digital biology
High Dilutions
Another French site investigating the scientific basis of remedies - in English too
Résau Proteus
An excellent alternative health site in Québec, including a section on homeopathy
the site of Belgian homeopathic groups, including the library catalogue of the Royal Belgian Homeopathic Society
Homéopathie by Gaby Rottler
An interesting collection of old texts
Docteur Robert Séror's site
A fine collection of writings and translations
Société Suisse d'Homéopathie
An informative site