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Mailing Lists

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Unrestricted access
Homeopathy Mailing List
And read the FAQ
FS-Homeopathy Mailing List
in German
Holistic Discussion Group
Homeopatyczna lista dyskusyjna
in Polish, by Dr. Tomasz Kokoszczynski
Paracelsus Mailing List
Homeofrance Mailing List
in French
Lista di Discussione dell Scuola di Medicina Omeopatica di Verona
in Italian

Newsgroups and Forums
Please note that access to newsgroups will depend on the availability and scope of your own Usenet news server. Forums are mail discussions on the Web that do not require subscription.
Other Health Bulletin Board
Our very own discussion forum
NJH Homoeopathic Forum
On the site of the Indian National Journal of Homoeopathy
Homoeopathy Forum
By Dr.Rajesh Shah (India)
Homeoint Forum
in English
in German
Homeoint Forum
in French
Diskusn╠ f█rum
in Czech
medlux.medsci.homoeopathy in Russian