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Other WWW Resources
These are generally non-commercial sites. In addition many commercial sites, especially the Remedy Suppliers and Practitioners, are now including useful further resources.
Czech Homoeopathy Web Page
Mostly in the Czech language
De Homeopathie Website
In Dutch, articles and links
An academic Website for Homeopathy
School voor Homeopathie
Dutch Medicines Evaluation Board
Online Register of Homeopathic Medicines

Also this site has the standard Notice to Applicants for homeopathic products in PDF format

The Society of Homeopaths in Finland
With introductory material in Finnish
Tiina Nyrhinen
Her Finnish site
The Hellenic Homeopathy Web Page
by Dr.Demys Kyriacou
A site with useful links and articles
Health Remedia
A detailed site from Italy - in English too
including a section on Omeopatia
by Dott. Jerome Malzac of Monteroni di Lecce  
Storia dell'Omeopatia in Italia e dei rapporti col Vaticano
An article by Dott. Fernando PiterÓ
Japan Homeopathy Foundation
Invitation to Homoeopathy
Norske Homeopaters Landsforbund (NHL)
Klassiske Hom°opaters Forening(KHF)
Aude Sapere Online
Homeopathy in Polish
Homeopatia Klasyczna
by Tomasz Kokoszczynski
Krasnodar Regional Homoeopathic Center, Ltd.
A new centre seeking to promote the knowledge and practice of homoeopathy throughout the Russian Federation and CIS by disseminating up-to-date homoeopathic information and sponsoring basic and advanced educational and training programs
Svenska Homeopraktikers Riksf÷rbund
A Swedish Practitioners' Society site

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