Other WWW Resources - Portuguese
These are generally non-commercial sites. In addition many commercial sites, especially the Remedy Suppliers and Practitioners, are now including useful further resources.
A splendid new site - lots of info
O que é a Homeopatia?
by Dinis S Luis
Associacao Medica Homeopatica Brasileira
Brazil's medical homeopaths' Association
Repertório e concordância Homeopática
from a Brazilian
veterinary homeopath
Homeopatia e cia
An extensive from a Brazilian veterinary homeopath
Similia - Página de Homeopatia
A superb new site from Brazil, for patients and professionals
Virtual Hospital (Brazil) - Homeopatia
Specialist section of a larger site
Homeopathic Study Group, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, a site in English and Portuguese
Associaçäo Paulista de Homeopatia
Brazil's leading site